Propane Boilers

What Are Propane Boilers?

Propane Boilers

Propane Boilers

Propane boilers are said to be the new alternative to oil fired boilers. According to manufacturers, propane boilers are energy-efficient and have the following advantages.

1. Propane boiler is burns a lot cleaner than oil.

2. Propane is produced in the United States and unlike oil that is transported from overseas. Propane boiler prices are also affordable and economical.

3. All of the models of the high efficiency boilers have exceeded 95% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) and qualify for a Federal Tax Credit that is up to $1,500.

4. A propane boiler system has a sealed combustion that means indoor air quality is not affected by the heating system.

5. Boilers like propane will only take a very little space and it can easily fit into your closet. These types of boilers are the perfect complement to a slab on grade as it can also be placed into a basement.

6. One propane boiler unit can produce both heat and on-demand hot water with no wasted tank losses.

7. They are all elegantly engineered with a sleek and stainless steel finish.

The Design of Propane Boilers

1. Propane boilers can be part of an energy-efficient new building construction or it can be used to replace a poor performing oil boiler in a retrofit. A lot of people are able to get benefits from using these types of boilers. It is said that propane boilers are more than energy efficient and it will generate substantial savings. Not just that, the boiler is also designed to give off cleaner emissions. It only means that the boiler is also environment-friendly.

2. Another good this about boiler propane is that it only takes up little space on your home. In fact, it can even fit on your closet. Plus, propane storage tanks are installed outside your home. This only means more space and you are assured that there is no potential for damaging leaks that can occur with fuel oil tanks.

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